Fire & Emergency Services


To increase and raise the level of preventive measures and preparedness so as to minimize loss of life and property from Fire hazards as well as from other emergencies and to inculcate fire safety awareness among the general public.


(a) Enhancing the capacity in terms of manpower and equipments to be able to realize the Vision.

(b) Strengthening of Fire & Emergency Services as a Service Provider for reaching help to the people in distress, for fire hazards and other emergency purposes in shorter time period.

(c) Ensuring community and public safety and enriching the members of the profession through education and training for prevention and mitigation of fire hazards.

(d) To facilitate improvement of public safety through awareness campaigns to the general public.

(e) To establish Fire stations in all civil sub-divisions and to reduce Fire Response time to 5 – 15 minutes in the state.


1. To prevent and minimize unwanted Fire outbreaks by rendering prompt and efficient services so as to prevent loss of life and property as far as possible.

2. To conduct Fire safety awareness campaign through various means to the general public so as to reduce fire hazards due to carelessness.

3. To provide standby protection at large gatherings and important public functions so as to provide public safety and immunity if necessary.

4. To provide better and standard quality of Fire fighting equipments as well as other Emergency equipments to Fire fighting personnel to achieve more effective services.

5. To impart training in Fire prevention, fire fighting and fire protection for Fire personnel as well as institutions, etc if and when necessary.

6. To check installation of Fire protection measures and carry out fire fighting and responding to other emergencies due to natural and man-made disasters.

7. To implement Fire safety regulatory measures under Fire service Rules for uses of places and trades for purpose involving risk from fires.





8. To minimize response time during fire incidents by improving skills and equipments, locations of Fire stations, communications, etc.

9. To promote community based preventive and coping strategies for all kinds of emergencies including fire.

10. To promote Fire & Emergencies services relations and co-operations with other stakeholders, Departments, NGOs, Village level organizations, citizens, etc so as to achieve better quality of services.

04Organization Structure