Public Work Department


i) We Survey, Plan, Design, Estimate and execute various classes of roads as well as government buildings and other infrastructural facilities all over the state. 

ii) We award contracts for road and building works in a transparent manner following codal formalities.

iii) We undertake preventive maintenance, repairs, renovations of roads, buildings and other Govt. infrastructures with the acutely limited fund allocated to us. 

iv) We extend services such as water supply, electricity, air conditioning, lifts and fire fighting, rain water harvesting and landscaping. 

v) We provide employment to the people at various levels and categories. 

vi) We send different categories of employees for essential training programmes to various institutions all over the country. 

vii) We furnish information and assistance to the needy people in connection with the functioning of the department and related matters.



Various guidelines followed by PWD

1.       CPWD Works Manual published by CPWD

2.       General Conditions of Contract published by CPWD

3.       General Financial Rules published by Ministry of Finance

4.       National Building Code published by Bureau of Indian Standards

5.       Relevant codes for roads, bridges and buildings published by Bureau of Indian Standards

6.       Specifications for Road and Bridge Works published by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

7.       Specification for Rural Roads published by Ministry of Rural Development

8.       Guidelines issued by different funding sources like Central Road Fund (CRF), DoNER, NABARD, etc.


03Organization Structure